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Twin Leaf owner Tim Weber chats with NCLINE about Asheville's craft beer scene

In March, Tim took time to chat with Greg, the owner of NCLINE Adventures, about his story and the current state of the Asheville Beer Scene. Check out the podcast in the link below:

"Tim Weber shares a bit of his story on how he went from Engineer to Brewer, landing in Asheville and where he likes to drink beer and hike when he isn't making killer beer. Greg also asks about his thoughts on Wicked Weed selling to Budweiser and what that could do to the craft brew scene. Be sure to stop by the brewery in Asheville's South Slope and grab one of the limited bottles of the best beer Tim has ever made (you'll just have to listen to find out). Oh and did we mention, we are having our launch party at the brewery April 28th; there may be a special brew just for us so be sure and come on by! (Sorry about all the extra noise, we wanted to record right at the brewery!)"

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