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Fleurs Du Soleil: a farmhouse ale brewed with black tea and our brewery's beehives wins Silver i

Update: Fleurs Du Soleil was awarded Silver in the "Best Honey Beer Other" category in this year's National Honey Board honey beer competition. With160 entries, this year's competition was the stiffest to date. Made with brewery raised bees and local Asheville Tea Company black tea, this honey tea saison is sure to be a crowd pleaser for months to come!

The connection between pollinators and flowers is one of the most beautiful, symbiotic, co-evolutionary relationships found in nature. Fleurs Du Soleil is our farmhouse ale that's brewed annually as a symbol of our appreciation for our pollinating friends. Belgian malts provide sweet floral aromas while traditional Belgium saison yeast leaves you with a spicy, dry and effervescent finish. While the ale is conditioning, we lovingly add a generous helping of honey from our brewery bee hives and gourmet black tea to further increase the floral aromatics. Sit back, relax and plant some flowers to give thanks to our small pollinators!

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