Welcome home, baby!

This week marked quite a momentous occasion for us here at Twin Leaf — the arrival of our brewing system! We purchased our 10 bbl brewhouse from Specific Mechanical in Vancouver, Canada. Mash tun, hot liquor tank, cold liquor tank, kettle, mill, auger, grist hopper, five fermenters, four serving tanks, unlimited awesomeness.

Our baby finally came home to us on Wednesday, and its arrival was definitely one of the best moments of my life. I documented the day in pictures, here are some of the highlights.


7:00am arrival, bright and cold


Serving tanks (left) and fermenters (right) waiting to be unloaded


Unloading a fermenter with a forklift


Tim checking out one of our fermenters


Tim *really* checking out one of our fermenters


Bright sunlight on our shiny new tanks


On top of unloading the tanks, we took over Banks Avenue with all the subcontractors working that day


A sight that has never been seen before on Banks Ave!


Though it was a cold day, at least it was sunny!


Our brew kettle, where all the hop magic will happen


Outdoor brewery!


Bringing the mash tun/HLT combi tank inside


Got it all in! Though none of it is in the right place yet.


Love at first sight


Fermenters roughly in the right place, everything else is willy nilly


Looks eerily like a brewery in here


Big Ass Fan!!

Our poor Big Ass Fan got no fanfare of its own since it just happened to get installed on the same day the tanks arrived. Rest assured, we were really excited to see it finally go up on the ceiling. It’s a 14 footer, and it’s quite lovely.

Next thing that needs to happen is to get the tanks placed where they’re supposed to go. Everything has to be precisely placed so we can plumb and wire everything together. It’s gonna take a lot of work to make the brewery functional, and we crazy nutbag engineers decided we’re going to do it ourselves! No small undertaking.

So that was our big day Wednesday! We have a ton of work to do to get this place going, but we’re still on track for a grand opening in late February. Keep on keeping on!


  1. Alyssa Correale says:

    Hi Steph & Tim!
    I have loved watching your progress over the past few months! I cannot imagine how exciting this step was!! Congratulations and making your dreams a reality! Can’t wait to make a trip back east and have a beer (or 2, etc) at your bar :)

    Best of luck as you continue down this amazing journey!

  2. Brian Orme says:

    Tim and Steph – Good luck, looks like you guys are in the thick of it! Must be exciting. If I end up down that way on a trip I will be sure to stop in after you guys are open. I’m jealous that you have a Big Ass Fan… so jealous right now.

    Tim’s old cubefarm neighbor,

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  4. Steve Morgan says:

    Tell me about your pilot brewery. I would like to see it. Did you build it?

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