‘Twas the night before Christmas…

Yeah I know Christmas is over, but it sure doesn’t feel like it here. As we anxiously await the arrival of our brewing system, we’re doing everything we can to make preparations!

We had our brand new, beautiful polyurethane flooring installed last week. We’re just getting used to not being afraid to walk on it, lest we scratch or dent or otherwise tarnish it. (Kind of ridiculous considering that we bought it to withstand us beating the shit out of it with chemicals.) Anyway, she’s a beaut.


Once that was cured we were able to install our 30’x12′ walk-in cooler on Saturday. It took Tim, Rhett, and I all day, and it was pretty challenging. Carrying the panels over, lifting them into place, lining everything up, locking it together… Then there was the part where all three of us had to stand up on our tippy-toes on ladders to get the ceiling panels into place. Slightly scary. But we did it!


Lining it up…


Panel by panel…


Those ceiling panels had all three of us up on ladders


The finished product! That door was a bitch.

We’ve also been continuing Operation Make the Ceiling Not Look Like Crap. We’re really close to done now. I’m really tired of being covered in fiberglass. But it’s looking pretty sweet.


Once the framing was complete and the fire shaft wall was in place and inspected, the wall guys got started on the drywall. And they are moving fast. It’s starting to look like the taproom we’ve envisioned for months now!


View from behind the bar looking out at the taproom


View from the brewery looking into the taproom


View from the brewery looking at the bar

Monday we had our draft system installed. Look at the sexiness!!

16 taps, ohhhh yeahhhh

16 taps, ohhhh yeahhhh

Ready and waiting for beer!

Ready and waiting for beer!

We’re starting with 16 taps, but we left room to add four more later on. It’s gonna be awesome.

Today we’ve got guys working on the steam piping for the boiler, and our glycol chiller arrived this afternoon!

Unloading the glycol chiller

Unloading the glycol chiller

All of this to get ready for this baby:

Our tanks, sitting in Canada last week. Tomorrow!!!

Our brewing system, sitting in Canada last week!

Our brewing system has made the long journey over from Canada. It’ll be here tomorrow! Tomorrow!! I can’t believe it’s really happening. So ready!

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  1. Scott says:

    So excited for you guys. This is awesome. I want to see pictures of Tim dancing on the bar tomorrow.

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