Moving right along!

Lots going on here! Here’s what we’ve been up to the last couple weeks.

Tim and Rhett patched up the old crappy wall under the windows. They had to grind away all the crumbling mortar, repoint it, fill in any holes, coat it with Drylok, and paint it. Not fun, but it looks a hell of a lot better, plus we now have a cleanable surface behind where our brewing system will be.

Tim grinding out the old, crumbling mortar

Tim grinding out the old, crumbling mortar

Coating the old junk with Drylok

Coating the old junk with Drylok


Ta da!

Note the shiny new plumbing in that last picture. The plumbing has been moving along, and so has the electrical work. We’ve also got lots of walls being framed, and our firewall is on its way to getting finished up.


It’s pretty chaotic in there now, but it’s really starting to take shape!

We’ve also been making progress on the awful job of making our ceiling not look ugly as hell.


More excitingly, we’ve begun work on the bar! I got to help frame it on Friday. Not sure if I really helped or if I just “helped,” but it was fun nonetheless. Rhett really ran the show here, but I’ll post pictures of myself as if to take all the credit :)



On Saturday we made a ton more progress on the bar. There’s still a lot of work to be done, but it’s looking great so far.




Aside from all that, I’ve been working on less exciting stuff, like permitting for our external sign, finalizing our draft system, alcohol permits, ordering equipment like kegs and sinks, and oodles of paperwork.

This week we’re getting our brewery flooring installed! Plumbing, electrical, walls, and more are all happening at the same time. Lots still to do to prep for our brewing system being delivered next week. Onward!


  1. Paul C. Cronin says:


    The work you all are doing on this place is amazing. I’m an old (yes old) friend of Tim’s dad and have been following your progress on FB. We live in Winston-Salem and can’t wait to see the place in person. I play music (you can check with Scott) with a friend here in town and we’d love to audition to help you open the place when you are ready.


  2. Joe Weiss says:

    I too am an old friend, although not as old as Paul, of Scotty, your father in law. Paul, Scotty and I were fraternity brothers in college. I, like Paul, follow your posts and enjoy seeing the progress; I pray you enjoy great success. I also want to say that Paul is a first class musician and hope that you and Tim can use his talents. Best of luck, make great beer and enjoy great beer.
    Joe Weiss

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