On hurdles, and how we are jumping the f@&# over them…

November has been one heck of a month. And it is, like, a really long story. So I’ll try to sum it up as best I can.

In short, it is really, really hard to get an old ass building into compliance with current building code. This building, while I love it because it’s perfect and amazing, has come with a whole slew of issues that have made it a very, very complicated project. Completely doable. Just complicated.

We’ve been doing all the work we can possibly do that doesn’t require a building permit while we’ve waited for the city to approve our plans. It turns out they’re incredibly backlogged right now, so the process has taken way longer than we could have possibly anticipated. We’ve pretty much reached a point where if we don’t get going on the actual construction soon, we’re going to have a really tough time getting what needs to be done before the brewing system arrives.

Big, scary, stressful stuff! Now onto the good part.

We emailed City Council member Gordon Smith about our troubles, and he brought us through the right channels to get the city moving. From then on, they’ve been really responsive to us and we’ve been working through various code compliance issues with them to get our plans to a point where everybody’s happy.

We have our zoning and sewer approvals in. We have one more little, annoying issue left to work through for the building permit. Everything else has been approved, we just need to work with the city to come up with a solution to meet accessibility code at our main entrance.

Tonight, gloriously, we were told that we could get a partial permit so that we can begin construction while we work out this one final accessibility issue. Tomorrow morning, the city will be working on getting our partial permit to us. We’ve got all our subs lined up to get moving on construction the moment we get the permit. Which means, very very soon, we will be ripping out concrete, putting in plumbing, and all that other awesomely fun stuff.

So yeah. It’s been a really busy month trying to get this all done. We’re super duper close now. I can feel it.

Anyway, what have we been doing in the meantime? Lots of stuff!

We got a banner printed to hang in our window so you guys know where we are when you walk by. Lookie!


I figured out a bunch of crap, like out how many kegs we’ll need and where we’re going to rent them from, and how to configure our grain auger. I signed a hop contract and made a big spot purchase of some of the hops we couldn’t contract from the 2013 crop. I ordered our 14 ft Big Ass Fan, which I am SO EXCITED about!! I bought an old, refurbished iPad that we’ll use for our POS, and I spent some time playing around with that stuff. I created a nice beer menu that we’ll place on our bar that will have descriptions of our beers. I ordered some really awesome pendant lights from Etsy that will hang above our bar. And I worked with a sign company to design our exterior sign.

Tim has been building tables out of pallet wood, and wood that we’re repurposing from the giant storage bins we took down last month. They are awesome and beautiful and he’s doing an amazing job.



We took delivery of our enormous 30’x12′ walk-in cooler. Tim, our GC Rhett, our friend Corbin, and the delivery guy all worked together to unload the thing. The walls came in 30 pieces, each panel was like 80 lb, plus the 250 lb condensing unit. It was glorious.


Have I mentioned that our GC is awesome? Our GC is awesome. Rhett built Oskar Blues in Brevard in like, 3 months. Insane. Here’s an article that just came out that talks all about it. I was interviewed briefly for it, see my gushing on the bottom of page 3.

Kay. I think that’s it. The next couple months are going to be REALLY exciting. Really really.

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  1. Chafin Rhyne says:

    Looking forward to your grand opening…when ever this is . best of luck along the way .

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