First major project in the brewery is complete! We took down the giant storage bin thing that was blocking our giant wall of windows. Here’s a nifty little slideshow of how it all went down (literally)!


Not gonna lie, this was pretty intense. We started on October 1st and worked on it nearly every weekday evening and all day weekends. I got to help the one night we had a babysitter, but through most of this I just had to keep an eye on our toddler since there were sharp things everywhere. Tim and our friend Corbin pretty much went insane on this thing. They were animals.

Here are some photos from the endeavor. So glad this is done and we have light in our space!

First light!

Tim punching through. First light!

I got to use a sawzall, badass!

I got to use a sawzall, badass!

Jake "helping"

Jake “helping”

This was probably the messiest point...

This was probably the messiest point…




Our good friend Corbin was an immense help!


Bring it down!!

photo 2

Salvaged wood from the bins

We were able to salvage a lot of wood that we can use for various projects around the brewery. So while it was a lot of work to take this thing down, we did kinda make out here!

This was probably the ugliest project we had to undertake ourselves, so I’m glad the thing is finally gone.

There is one more unpleasant thing we have to take down in the space. It’s a big ol’ photo backdrop thing that’s probably going to make a huge mess.



But for now, we will revel in the glory of one big project completed! Only like 9 million to go!


  1. Mel says:

    Wow. What an amazing transformation!

  2. Marissa says:

    Whoa! – let there be light! Great work!

  3. Kelly says:

    Look’n good! Check out all that amazing light!!!

  4. Linda Weber says:

    Wow, I’m quite impressed and love the “light” shining through. You guys have been doing a tremendous job. I love looking at the before pictures. It’s going to be awesome looking at the “after” pics.

  5. Tom Boris says:

    Tim, looking good! That looks like lots of work. We will need to make a trip down after you open.

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